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Breathwork + Sound Journeys

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Music Activations

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An intuitive music school to support you in unlocking your musical gifts, opening your voice and sharing your song with the world.

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For the last 10 years I've been supporting others to unlock their music gifts and now I've put everything that I know into this school to support you on your journey. By enrolling you'll discover your musical talent that will allow you to feel confident playing music with others, improvise and write your own songs, and pick up any instrument you feel called to and learn it with ease.

Who This Is For: Is playing music your dream but you have a belief that you don't have a good voice or any musical talent? Then this is for YOU! Have you dabbled in music but never seem to get over the frustrating beginner stage? Then this is for YOU! You are someone that has never been musical but always felt a deep attraction and desire to sing or play an instrument? Then this is for YOU! Have you found yourself wanting to participate in a jam around the campfire, or improvise with other musicians? Then this is for YOU! You love music but don't resonate with learning in the traditional ways of music theory and intellectual understanding. Then this is for YOU!

What You'll Receive With Enrollment: 10+ hours of video and audio lessons and exercises. 3 months of modules with lifetime access. Tools and exercises to support your musical journey. Inspirational stories and tips about becoming a musician and finding your passion in life, whatever it may be. My tried and true formula for creating in person song circles and jams with friends. Guidance and support to access and unlock your musical gifts Mentorship and stories to support you in discovering your passion

About the Everybody Band School: Hey there, my name is Yoshua, and I've been a professional musician for over 18 years. I have played in various bands, toured around the country, written hundreds of songs and taught thousands of people how to access their musical gifts, and now, I have decided to take everything I have learned and put it all into a music school that is fun and easy to follow. While this is my first time creating an online music school I have had a lot of fun over the years teaching people online how to cook and amassed a following of 1.4 million subscribers doing so. I also used to have a cooking and music show on MTV with my brother, we got to travel the world cooking for celebrities and jamming out, needless to say, it's been a wild ride. This school is for anyone that has always had a dream of playing music but has struggled to find the confidence to take that first step, or simply wants to deepen their understanding of music through interactive exercises, improvisational lessons, voice openings, song writing, and more. I say music school, but in a way it's really an unschool. The word school often makes us think that we have to "learn" something, but in this course, as you'll come to see, it is less about learning and more about unlearning the blocks that you have that are holding you back from tapping into your musical gifts, and, spoiler, you already have musical gifts, you just don't know it yet! Sure, we'll learn a bunch of fun techniques and tools to help you with your musical journey, but it won't really feel like work, rather it is a form of play.

Look, I could sit here and sell you on all of the wonderful benefits that this course is going to offer, and even say that I am offering a huge value with a gigantic discount, but the truth is, I don't want to try and force anything down your throat, we get enough marketing crap every single day shoved in our faces. I have a degree in marketing (even if I spent that time mostly playing music), I know all the tricks, and yet I have dedicated my life to music, it has helped me in the most wonderful of ways, and I feel a deep desire to share what I have learned with you. I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say "I can't play music" or "I suck at singing, my sister has the great voice." There are a million reasons not to play, but the wild thing is, most people I teach have some similar story about why they are terrible musicians, and yet within a few minutes of me teaching them some of what I have learned, they uncover their musical gifts and are totally blown away. And that is the beauty of this school, whether you want to learn to sing, to learn rhythm, guitar, piano, or simply want to feel more comfortable pursuing a musical instrument, you'll get support in doing so.

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Unlock Your Musical Gifts
  • Learn About Music As Medicine
  • Open Up Your Voice
  • Tap into the healing powers of music
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Yoshua Greenfield

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Yoshua loves bringing joy to life by connecting to the simplest of things--music, mindful eating, and nature. Yoshua’s gifts are helping others unlock their own musical abilities, develop a deeper connection to the foods that they consume, learn about the joys of being barefoot, and supporting people to remove the mask of fear and doubt and live in harmony with the magic inside of them. Yoshua has been hosting retreats, workshops and offering one on one guidance as well as creating inspirational content through his platform You Enjoy Life. He has written 6 books, created a popular alternative cooking show with his brother that garnered over 1.4 million subscribers, has cooked for numerous celebrities around the world, and has been playing music for the better part of his life, training, studying and performing with world class musicians. Yoshua recently ran a barefoot marathon in the mountains in Colorado and loves showing people the beauty of taking their shoes off, grounding their beings, and seeing all of the benefits that come from being more connected to the earth, to nature, and the world and universe at large. He created a style of running called "dance running" that is not only fun, but engages your body in a way that gives you far more energy while using far less effort. Yoshua is somewhat of a walking science experiment and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.