FMZ Enrich | Employee Engagement Benefits
with Find My Zen

 Work for a cool company? Own one? All work and no play make for team members that won't be around operating at their peak state. Invest in your team by setting up FMZ Enrich Accounts for employee enrichment and engagement through Find My Zen. We'll cater and create a continuing education and development program that fits your budget and presents your team members with dedicated spending to take any class or local experience that interests them, professionally or personally. Leave the booking, payment, and reporting to Find My Zen.

Not ready to take the dive into FMZ Enrich accounts for your team? No problem, we've got you covered! Keep team energy high with team building workshops, and hands-on off-site experiences they'll actually look forward to with the support of Find My Zen. Whatever your needs - from team building to health and wellness services, FMZ experience partners will do the work to make your team building and corporate events run smoothly. Keep your employees healthy, happy and productive with Employee Enrichment & Engagement experiences by making a team-building event request here.

What is FMZ Enrich?

  • Flexible continuing education and development program for employee enrichment and engagement.
  • Employee accounts can be created with any amount from $10 to $100 per month for booking virtual and local offerings and experiences.
  • FMZ Enrich sparks creativity and challenges your team to think and learn outside of the box.
  • Support local teachers, practitioners, facilitators, artists, and entrepreneurs while inspiring, engaging, and enriching your team.

Ready to learn more?

We’re ready when you are to explore the next steps of setting up FMZ Enrich accounts for some or all of your team. You can set up the program to fit your needs monthly or annual limits. We can even assist you in adding credit to each account or work with your team to track spending and process reimbursements. There is no cost to set up the program and we can have your company's enrichment accounts set up in just a few days.