"Gathering of Forces" - Men's Dojo

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Coaching + Personal Development

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Mens Work

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Gathering the Men of our Boulder Community to train in ancient and new traditions that further the exploration of what is truly possible for the modern man.

Offering Overview

We believe every man has the capacity to cultivate within himself the depth of presence that quiets and commands a room. Developing this capacity requires a level of commitment deeper than most men are willing to go, or are able to achieve alone. To this end, we gather our forces to train in ancient and new traditions that further the exploration and embodiment of what is truly possible for the modern man. Part structured workshop, part improvisational exercise, this rare container will seek to create authentic opportunities for dedicated men to come together in practice, challenge, and commitment, both to ourselves and to each other in the service of something greater.

Minimum age

14 years or older

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Develop the force of your presence
  • Build confidence in your body
  • Unapologetically embody your masculinity.
  • Cultivate internal calm and external vibrancy
Cancellation Policy
The Star House
Boulder , CO , 80302



The Star House


$100 per Purchase



Mikaal’s mission is the conscious evolution of Men across the planet in our lifetime. Made in New York and based in Colorado, he is proud to serve as a Men’s Work Facilitator, Executive Coach, Psychedelic Integration Guide, and Relationship Consultant to next-level individuals and organizations alike, guiding humans of all persuasions into the deepest expression of their highest potential.

Eli Buren has been a dedicated practitioner since 1998, with in-depth training in yogic embodiment, sexual yoga, martial arts, qigong, and meditation. His adventurous spirit has led him thru the Himalayas, and into 18 years of annual solo meditation retreats. Eli leads men into their bodies, consciousness and true honor. Eli has taught internationally since 2005, and has studied with a wide spectrum of esteemed teachers, including 8 years with David Deida. Eli currently teaches intensive multi day events and works with clients all over the world, coaching powerful men into embodied presence and depth in their purpose, intimacy, and moment to moment state of being.