Reset for Resilience | Ayurvedic Cleanse for Body and Mind

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Improve digestion, enhance immunity and promote clarity through a guided program focused on nourishing food, self care rituals, routine and rest.

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The Reset for Resilience
The Reset for Resilience is a 21-day program, centered around a five-day detox, that is designed to improve digestion, enhance immunity and promote clarity. This Ayurvedic cleanse for body and mind is the ideal way to support your body to do its best, while inviting you to create meaningful space for inspiration, reflection and restoration.
This guided program is the ideal next step if you are:
✓Wanting to feel better, but don't know where to start.
✓Feeling held back by fatigue, lethargy or low immunity.
✓Suffering from frequent digestive discomfort (constipation, bloating, gas, acidity, heaviness).
✓Seeking to establish a more intentional relationship with food.
✓Experiencing ongoing stress, anxiety, or burnout.
✓Longing to reconnect with a sense of inspiration and motivation.
✓Struggling with breakouts, rashes or dull skin.
✓Needing support to cut out sugar cravings.
✓Not wanting to spend a fortune on an over-the-top expensive cleanse.
✓Curious about rest as a form of resistance to capitalism and grind culture.

Experience a cleanse that is about nourishment and rest, rather than deprivation and control.
During the 5 days of focused Ayurvedic cleansing, you will be guided to embody simple lifestyle practices, work with the Earth’s elements, and find cadence with nature’s rhythms to weave the keys to resilience into your life. You will feel clear yet nourished by cleansing with real food — including juice, broth, herbal teas, fresh produce, whole grains, and detoxifying remedies. You will have the opportunity to relax into deep listening — both to your own body and thoughts, as well as to a curated collection of podcasts that inspire you to embody your pleasure and purpose. You will leave with small and sustainable personal practices that support you to feel your best, and that can be leveraged for collective and planetary wellbeing.
The Reset for Resilience can be completed from home, while living your life.
As a participant, you will have exclusive access to a virtual course platform that walks you through each part of the program: from pre-cleanse preparation, cleansing and mindful reintegration. Within the platform, you have access to an e-book that delves into the philosophy of Ayurveda's famous systems for cleansing, along with guides for recipes, ancient self care practices, and daily routine checklists to align your life. Join us for three live group calls and special access a Telegram group where you can ask questions, share your experience and connect to a supportive and inspiring community.
Spring 2022 Guided Group Cleanse Dates:
✓Preparation | May 9-17
✓The Cleanse | May 18-22
✓Reintegration | May 23-29
This guided group cleanse is led by Molly McConnell, CAP, RYT and Sierra Brashear, MA, CAP, the Certified Ayurvedic Practitioners of Cultivate Balance, and held by the support of community. It is designed for you to access a renewed sense of energy and clarity that enables you to show up as your best in your life and work.

How to Come Prepared

You will be invited to invest in a few simple, affordable and easy-to-acquire ingredients, teas, herbal remedies and self-care supplies used to cleanse at home.

What's Provided

The Reset is set up in a course portal that guides each step with videos and an e-book that includes guides for recipes, shopping lists, self care practices, daily routine checklists and reflection. Additional support via live calls and a Telegram group.

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Heal and repair to restore your natural state of resilience.
  • Access vitality, strengthen immunity and promote long-term wellness.
  • Create intentional time and space for rest.
  • Experience greater clarity of mind and purpose.
  • Enhance metabolism for more comfortable digestion.
  • Rejuvenate your cells and deeply nourish your tissues.
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