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Wellness Coaching

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Quiet the mind. Listen to the body. Harmonize with nature

Offering Overview

_Ground_ is inspired by my in-person groups + individual programs with the intention to make this work wildly accessible across the world. It can be used in various ways on your journey to create a strong foundation for your next medicine ceremony, a current life transition and to upgrade your whole life according to your soul's knowing. This is truly the ground work for a healthy + whole life. Please join us!

This online course is for you if: You are a therapist, guide, healer, organizational leader, CEO or individual interested in personal growth + development. You are interested in doing preparation + integration for medicine work. You are interested in exploring a blend of Eastern + Western psychology teachings. You want to discover your soul’s purpose and live in health + wholeness!

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Feel 10x lighter than when you started the course.
  • Heal one or two things that will completely change the game for you.
  • Learn actionable tools + practices to integrate into your daily life.
  • share with your clients + teams.
  • Rewire your subconscious
  • create new neural pathways to upgrade your life in connection with nature
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Quiet the mind. Listen to the body. Harmonize with nature.


$555 per Purchase



As a Guide to Wholeness, my mission is to teach humans how to heal themselves through actively listening to the mind, body, soul, Spirit & nature to find peace in the present moment. Together we discover your unique expression of wholeness.

We believe transformation happens when you are seen as whole. The Makaranda Method uses a wholistic approach that views the mind, body, soul, Spirit, community, and environment as an ecosystem. We use teachings and practices from a blend of several healing modalities to explore how all things are connected. Nature, meditation, and self-exploration are our access points to embodied healing.

This is a unique approach to guiding, coaching and therapy that looks beyond pathology. We work with the belief that the body knows how to heal. Through a series of in-depth programs, you learn how to listen to your innate wisdom.

We are here to meet you where you are. We are here to coach you on tangible techniques for understanding your wholeness. We are here to walk with you on your path toward self-expansion.

The Makaranda Method practices through one-one, group, and retreat work.