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Parenting For Highly Sensitive Children

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When supported in the correct environment, highly sensitive kiddos grow up to be the deep thinkers and brilliant change makers of the world! When misunderstood, they can experience significant suffering. Licensed therapist and parent coach, Sophie Wolfe, will guide you through a 10-week transformational course will shift how you relate to your highly sensitive kiddo and the whole family can begin to grow together toward your highest potential.

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Frequently asked questions:

Who is this course designed for?

This course is ideal for parents who can identify at least one of their children as “highly sensitive.” It has been created based on proven strategies that have worked for hundreds of parents that have already trusted in Rooted Rhythm Parent Coaching. The parents who experience the most transformation are those who are eager to increase their self awareness, engage in their own inner healing, and truly challenge themselves to try on new ways of being throughout the process. This course is for parents who know there is a better way to live and are ready for change NOW.

How do I know if my child is highly sensitive?

Traits of some (but not all) highly sensitive children include:

Emotional extremes
Big reactions to sensory stimulation
More meltdowns than peers
A high need for control which can result in rigidity and inflexibility
Fear and caution in new situations
A brain that has a difficult time shutting off
Low self esteem and self deprecating thoughts
High intuition and perception

How long does the course take?

This course is designed to be taken over 10 weeks for maximum results, with a commitment to stay in engaged in practices and intention daily. A new module will be released every 7 days, and it is recommended that 1 module is taken per week for a 10-week transformational process.

Will I be supported along the way?

This course is self-led, because it is designed for parents who are busy parenting! Students can set their own schedule. It is recommended to choose a two-hour block every week to immerse oneself in the content and then set a 10-30 minute time daily for introspection throughout the course. These containers will support you deeply throughout the journey.

You can also purchase a “VIP” option for daily 1-1 voice/text messaging support from the course creator (licensed therapist and parent coach, Sophie) if you feel that more personalized support will assist your process. This option also includes two 1-1 coaching sessions (at the beginning and end of the process). Please set up a 20 minute consultation with Sophie to apply for this kind of support.

Is it a good idea for me and my spouse or co-parent to take this together?

Absolutely! The best results come from co-parents who are willing to “do their work” and learn TOGETHER. You can purchase 1 course and share an account with your spouse/co-parent and experience HUGE transformation together. It is recommended that you schedule a 30-60 minute meeting each week with your partner to review and share what you are learning. This will allow you to integrate the material more deeply together and come up with “action plans” to be on the same page for supporting your family. * We ask that the course is not shared between multiple families and that each family make their own investment in their transformation!

Who is this course not designed for?

This course is not designed for parents who are blaming their children for their family’s tension and are not willing to shift their own perceptions and behaviors in order to support their kiddos. It is also not geared towards parents whose children have experienced extreme traumas and are experiencing PTSD that would require individualized trauma therapy.

How can I absolutely know if this course is right for me?

Please reach out with absolutely any thoughts or questions about whether this is the right fit for you! We want only those that are a perfect fit to invest in this journey, and we are here to discuss.

What's Provided

The course can be started anytime. The suggestion is to take the course over 10 weeks (1 module per week). Each module includes: 7 min landing meditation, 30-45 min lecture, 7-15 min integration, a weekly challenge, and other supplementary material.

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Know why highly sensitive kids need a different type of parenting
  • Understand your child's body and brain
  • Learn the types of parenting that actually work for highly sensitiv kids
  • Embody loving boundaries
  • Reduce shame in parenting by understanding developmental changes
  • Engage in parent self healing, self regulation, and self care
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Sophie Schauermann

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Sophie is a Denver based licensed therapist. Her mission is to help highly sensitive kids and their parents thrive.

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