Masculine by Day, Feminine by Night

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Feminine Embodiment Coaching

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Archetypal Agility for the Modern Woman

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Archetypal Agility allows you to get what you want by shifting your energy to meet the moment. It allows you to flow from being in your masculine to your feminine, and back again, depending on what the moment requires. 


Around MEN:
Have you ever been on a date where the guy is talking too much? Or asking weird questions and you feel totally trapped for the rest of dinner? Are you a victim of his container? OR Do you have the skills to turn the date into a juicy and delicious experience for you, WITHOUT FIXING HIM OR TELLING HIM WHAT TO DO? 

Have you ever walked into work and you can tell your coworker is having a bad day before you even sit down? You immediately want to turn around and leave because you can FEEL the tension in the space. Are you a victim of that energy? Or do you have the power to shift it?

You can learn to lead the energy of any interaction or relationship with your body, your language, and your breath. 

That’s Archetypal Agility. 

You can shift from warrior energy to the open maiden, to gracefully receive the help you truly need.
That’s Archetypal Agility. 

 You will walk away from this session knowing how to read the moment. 
“What energy is required to have the experience I desire?”

Don’t wait.

You don’t need to wait for someone else to fix the moment. 
All people mirror. It’s in our biology. If you shift yourself, the people around you will shift. They can’t help it. This is the power of the Queen. This is the power of Archetypal Agility

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • How to get what you want by changing your energy to meet the moment.
  • How to attract and maintain healthy polarity in your romantic relationships
  • What could you turn your sacred energy into if you weren’t LEADING all the
  • Noticing when you’re holding space or “helping” to receive validation, or b
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