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Mens Work

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Men supporting Men in the nuanced arena of healthy attachment.

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What is this? A 9 week deep dive into the world of attachment for Men so we can come together, and learn about attachment, and more importantly, how to support each other in emotional processing.

When? Beginning June 22 for (9), three hour sessions. 6-9pm at the Boulder Healing Hub. It will also have additional 1.5 hour zoom sessions that will be recorded.

Cost: $500 investment in yourself, and in your support. $150 deposit required to reserve your spot. There is a 30 minute intake call to make sure we are a good fit for each other prior to reserving your spot.

Why do this? Your relationships are one of the most important areas of your life. And trying to navigate your relational world without a practical understanding of what attachment really just makes life more difficult than it should be. Your attachment system impacts just about every area of your life, most obviously in the area of relationship. But it also expands much farther than that. We will cover practices that allow you to track yourself in daily life, and we will also learn how to support each other, and our loved ones, in the various styles of attachment communication, and well-being.

Most of us haven’t been taught about emotional intelligence, or even interpersonal intelligence in our schooling. And it’s really just in the last few years that the importance of healing our attachment systems has started to be understood. In these 9 weeks, we will cover the various domains of experience that have to be nurtured in order to heal our attachment systems. We will be exploring both the intellectual approaches, but much more importantly, we will be exploring the embodied approaches to healthy attachment.
This time together will be a deep dive into both the theory, and practical application, of what healthy attachment looks like in your life.

Some of the areas we will cover in depth will be:

Regulation and Co-regulation
Embodied safety
What are the attachment strategies?
Healing trauma in relationships
Interpersonal neurobiology
How to reach for help when we need it
How to process emotions nonverbally and somatically
What are needs and how do we get them met
Rupture and Repair processes
What to look for in the dating world
How to support and be supported by Men

Men need places where we can dive into the tender terrain of emotional vulnerability. And unfortunately, society hasn’t quite set us up for success with that. This is your place. And we are in this together.

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Bu Nan Brown

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I started on my path 15 years ago when I realized that my life was no longer working for me. I spent a few years searching, studying, reading, and expanding my worldview. In 2008, I came across the work of Ken Wilber, and everything changed. I spent the next two years delving into all things Integral, and all aspects of personal growth, until I came across my primary Teacher, Jun Po Roshi, Abbot of Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen. I began sitting with him in 2010, and took Jukai in 2012. Under Jun Po's advice, I began an intensive yoga practice which lead to enrollment in Naropa University in 2012 in Boulder, Colorado. I became a founding community member of the Integral Center as well. That lead me to hundreds of hours of training and facilitation of Authentic Relating, Circling, the Authentic Man Program, and T3. In 2015 I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Traditional Eastern Arts with an Emphasis in the Yogic Traditions of India. During the last year of my studies at Naropa, I began on the track of Priesthood, under the mentorship of Doshin Roshi, founder of the Integral Zen Sangha. I received Priest Ordination in October 2015.

Since 2015 I became involved with an organization called Luminous Awareness Institute, which led into much of my journey to my professional offerings today. I’ve spent these last years diving into subtle energetic tracking, various healing modalities, and adult somatic attachment repair.

Combining all of these modalities, I have focused Somatic Attachment Repair as the offerings I am bringing into this world. Through one on one work, small group guidance, and multi-month courses, I aim to help bring the powerful effects of deep attachment understanding, somatic healing, and attachment level interpersonal communication into common use in the world.