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The Overview Effect

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What is our purpose? How can we become better as humans and celebrate our interconnectedness?

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Sometimes, all you need for a change in self-awareness and our interconnectedness is to change your perspective.

Find My Zen invites you to embark on a journey with Frank White, author of The Overview Effect, and Rachel Lyons, executive director of Space For Humanity, to discuss a new way of thinking about the vessel on which we all live; Earth. 

Get curious about the possibility of new perspectives that can be so meaningful in modern times. As human technologies for space exploration continue to improve and push us beyond the bounds of Earth, we must continue the exploration of our fundamental reality.

Explore your perception of time and space by joining in this on-demand 1-hour long experience geared towards changing you from within!

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • A sense of calm and tranquility
  • A sense of responsibility for taking care of our planet
  • A feeling of cosmic interconnectedness & unity
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This gift is an interview of Frank White (original pioneer of the Overview Effect) & Rachel Lyons (executive director of Space For Humanity)



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Michael Pottern

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I'm dedicated to getting people curious. I've been an entrepreneur and connector my whole life and have also cultivated a strong meditation practice with Transcendental Meditation. By connecting people to actionable content and experiences, we can develop more resourced and connected communities to help people live healthy and vibrant lives. 

Currently, I'm the founder and Chief Explorer of Find My Zen. I leverage technology and curiosity to help people discover virtual and in-person experiences and services from a wide range of wellness facilitators.

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