Holistic End-of-Life Planning

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Transform your relationship with death

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Dying is as natural as the setting sun but, unlike sunsets, most people don’t think death is beautiful. But what if it could be? Creating a detailed, end-of-life plan can transform your relationship with death - and help you lead a better life.

Creating an end-of-life plan is not the same as making an advance directive or a will. Those are legal documents that are critical but encompass a narrow range of choices regarding specific medical interventions and matters of your estate.

The purpose of this type of planning is to provide you with the opportunity to think holistically about how you want to live at the end of your life - and what you need in order to die peacefully, comfortably, and with a sense of completion.

Examining your end-of-life goals with a compassionate facilitator provides a safe space to look at death clearly. You can make choices that make it more likely that your final moments will be calm, comfortable, and full of meaning. Creating a blueprint for your own death takes decision-making pressure off loved ones. It allows them - and you - to be more present in those final days.

The planning process can also enhance your quality of life starting now. Whatever your age or health status, looking at your death can help to clarify your priorities in life and highlight the issues that most need resolution. There is evidence that people who contemplate their own death are calmer, more resilient, and more capable of experiencing joy in the day-to-day, rather than focusing on daily hassles.

The end-of-life planning process is a structured interview that is typically conducted over two to three sessions. The sessions can be done in-person or virtually. You will create concrete action plans in a variety of domains that will encompass your own personal vision for a beautiful death.

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Hi, I’m Emma. I'm a meditation teacher, a holistic end-of-life planner, and a death doula. The through-line of my services is presence. Our culture talks a lot about it. We recognize that if we could get just out of our thoughts and be more present in our lives, we would feel more serenity, joy, and connectedness. Meditation and mindfulness practices build the muscles we use for ‘presence-ing’ ourselves. Confronting our mortality orients us towards presence as well. The more we acknowledge impermanence, the more likely we are to savor the preciousness of each moment we are alive.

Life is messy and my work recognizes that. We can't get rid of all the messes, but we don't want to sink down into them either. My services will help you learn to stay afloat, building your own version of presence, so you can ride the waves of this weird, old beautiful life.

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