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Mindset Coaching

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A workshop that focuses on shifting mindsets and fears around money, and bringing presence and empowerment to your current situation.

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In our world today, many consider money to be the source of power, freedom, and security. Those with it want more of it, and those without it are on the quest to make it.

There is a perpetual state of unconscious fear around money that has caused people to completely succumb their lives to it, often times acting in ways that harm others and the planet. Money has controlled cultures, countries, businesses, families, and individuals to the point where billions of people feel completely at the mercy of it; as if it is a leash that drags us in whichever way it chooses.

Have you ever considered that it is not money that helplessly drags you around, but rather your thoughts and feelings about it? Have you ever reflected on the idea that ultimately, you actually have the power to choose your life’s direction, no matter how little or how much money you have, and that the relationship you have with money is actually just a reflection of how you feel on the inside?

In The Zen of Finance, we’ll be exploring ways to attract and create both wealth and peace into your life. This begins with the acceptance of yourself, your past, and your fears. Melding meditation, Zen and Buddhist concepts, manifestation techniques, and group work, this class will take you on a journey that will open yourself to finding the power within you - which is the key to unlocking the door of infinite and everlasting abundance that constantly exists in the world around us.

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  • Mindset
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Visualization
  • Zen Buddhism
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Alex Macfarlane

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Alex Macfarlane is a financial advisor that has worked with hundreds of business owners, individuals, and families. While assisting clients with investing, business planning, and retirement planning, he realized that there was a major missing piece of education that few financial advisors spoke about: understanding emotions and mindsets around money. With this realization, Alex shifted his practice and started incorporating Zen and Buddhist mindfulness techniques while simultaneously helping clients with budgeting, investing, and planning. After helping clients tap into their subconscious fears and feelings around money, he found them finding peace and acceptance in their everyday lives. Money became less of a weight, and more of a source of love.

The program he teaches - The Zen of Finance - is based on connecting to yourself and lovingly accepting your present circumstances, whatever they might be, as the basis for generating the abundance and wealth you desire. "Being present is the basis for all manifestation. By finding peace and acceptance in the moment you are in, you begin to access your full abilities and are able to bring your deepest desires to the surface."