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Integrative Holistic Health

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A year-long course in boundaries and belonging within a community devoted to enhancing inner awareness and accelerating our evolution for the benefit of all beings.

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At this turbulent, transformative moment in human Earth history, the choice is simple: Evolve now or become Extinct.

This is no exaggeration, nor is it meant to scare you. The scariest scenarios are only possible if we pretend they are impossible.

The remedies are known and knowable and it all begins within.

The Immersion is a year-long exploration of personal & collective Boundaries & Belonging.

You will emerge with enhanced inner awareness, courageous communication skills and the capacity to create authentically healthy boundaries.

These are worthy outcomes on their own merit, and the ultimate goal is to establish yourself in the center of your Self so you can be calm & clear when the winds of planetary transformation start to swirl.

The Immersion proposes to lay the bio-psycho-social foundation upon which joyful collective evolution is constructed.

The Immersion is a community — a self-selecting club.

We are a growth-oriented collective engaged in the pursuit of peace, joy and freedom for the benefit of all beings.

Together, we cultivate deep compassion, calm confidence, courageous communication and a commitment to natural collaboration.

Our core practices consist of nature-based approaches to whole Self health, including:
​— circadian and infradian rhythms,
— Āyurvedic pattern recognition and energy systems,
— archetypal internal parts work and
— dynamic conversations with the wild, more-than-human world.

This is a course in Boundaries & Belonging.

To belong is a universal human need.

Belonging feels like love and connection. It creates confidence in an atmosphere of compassion, curiosity and creativity.

Paradoxically, belonging is only possible by defining a boundary.

My family is my family. Other people belong to the larger human family, but that is a different boundary condition. I can belong in my family because it has limits.

Without a boundary, there is nothing to which one can belong.

Boundaries define every concentric sphere of existence, from micro to macro, atoms to galaxies.

Healthy boundaries are selectively permeable — like a cell wall that accepts nourishment but repels pathogens; or the Earth's atmosphere which protects against solar radiation but allows the space shuttle to re-enter when it approaches at precisely the right angle.

These same principles apply to you too.

So I wonder:
— Where do you belong? How do you know?
— How do you choose your boundaries? Do you choose them?
— What is your relationship with the many boundary layers available to you? (From cells up to Self, family, community, country, planet, cosmos etc)

If you don't know where you belong...
If you don't choose your own boundaries...
If you don't have an active relationship with the many layers of your Self...

... then The Immersion may be for you.

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Minimum age

18 years or older

What's Provided

Two years of access to the course portal, including a variety of bonus materials, as well as a custom guidebook to lead you through the course.

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Two (or more) opportunities to connect on Zoom every week.
  • Six annual weekend immersions on topics like Ayurveda, Astrology, Dreamwork
  • Access to a library of online courses and custom-made content
  • Connection with a dynamic community of fellow seekers devoted to growth
  • A full year of support & accountability in pursuit of your best life path
  • Bonuses like: bring-a-friend, seasonal cleansing and your 7th season free!
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David McConaghay

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David Telfer McConaghay is a multidimensional human born on Earth in 1986. He is an IFS-informed Ayurvedic Doctor and Vedic Astrologer with a Master's degree in Metaphysics.

David's professional offerings are the outcome of his lifelong search for perspectives and practices that nourish the body, enliven the mind and soothe the heart.

After twelve years of formal study, David is now in the process of launching a collection of online courses that compose the essence of Multi Dimensional Medicine.