Nature Mandala Sunday Sanctuary

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This Is An In-Person Offering
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Gratitude Practices

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You are invited to a celebration at the Compass Village area where the Inner Compass community will gather to create

Offering Overview

Enhance your expression and access your truest self by joining the Sanctuary of the Inner Compass in Everland this year. You are invited to a retreat that focuses on wellness & health, mindfulness, nature therapy, growth and more. The sanctuary will honor your intrinsic voice and provide a safe place to explore the spirit of love, accountability and collective evolution. Each year at the Compass Village Area property (the center of the future Art Park) a wonderful celebration takes place where the Inner Compass community can gather and design stunning mandalas, nests and nature nooks using gathered materials from the land. The best part is, you are invited! The first celebration showcased a stupendous and tremendous nature mandala that one could not only be a part of but lay in. Year two saw the interaction between dark and light pathways connecting in a Gratitude Spiral walking meditation labyrinth--our gratitude was seeded within this special place and sent out into the world. Year three's design is incredibly close to being complete--featuring and concentrating on the directions we choose and the perspective we observe as a collective and individuals.

This year is exceptionally special given that RhythmetriX, a drumming group, will be part of the retreat . Rhythemetrix unites mindfulness and movement in a beautiful way to create the ultimate of wellness activity which capitalizes on their group drumming skills. This event is a must attend-- something that you do not want to miss! Just imagine positivity intertwined with magnificence each supplemented by the synchronized music made by a circle of drums. It will be an incredible experience that is undeniably irreplaceable.

On Sunday afternoon, special guest RythemetriX is offering a masterclass session that will delve into the key components of mindfulness (meditations), music (polyrhythms) and movement (fitness). To boot, there will be a multitude of other fireside musical surprises in addition to RythemetriX. Come join us for a wonderful, magical and unforgettable one-night family campout focused on wellness.

Help us create something unique and utterly special for this season on the property while enjoying the fresh air, campfires, games, activities and more. We can't wait to see you there!

Both vegan and meat options will be available. Registration required.

Sunday Schedule:

9:30-10:30 am - Check in!

10:30-11 am- Welcome Circle

11-1- Compass Activation Begins!

1-2 pm - Lunch BYO

2-4 pm - Finish Zones

4 -5 pm - Rhythmetrix

5-5:30 - Closing Circle

5:30-7:30 - Optional stay and grill/fire around pond

How to Come Prepared

Some tools you need to bring are as follows: food, gloves, tools/shovels if that’s your thing, close-toed shoes, layers, instruments and fireside fun!

What's Provided

Both meat and vegan options will be available.

Cancellation Policy

There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this offering.

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