Meditation and Grief

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Focused Meditation

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Deaths, changes in relationships or circumstances, or any other profound loss can cause you to grieve. My sessions will provide coaching and guided meditations so that you can experience your grief without being controlled by it.

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Whatever the cause of grief, it's emotions can be unpredictable. You might feel sadness, but you might also feel loneliness, anger, numbness, or shame. At times, you may even feel a confusing sense of relief or euphoria. It is different for everyone.

Meditation can’t get rid of grief but it can change your experience of grieving.

With practice, meditation can provide a space of calm, where you can watch your thoughts and feelings unfold, rather than be controlled by them. Meditation can help you to let go of tension and give you a new perspective on some of the stories that are wrapped up in your grief, stories that may be exacerbating your suffering.

Meditation can also help you to feel more connected - to your own body, to the people around you, to nature and the world as a whole, and even to the person or thing you are grieving.

Whether you are an absolute beginner to meditation or wish to deepen an existing practice, I offer guided meditations using a variety of techniques to help you to mindfully attend to your loss, which is not about denying pain, but rather about creating space for you to be present and nurture yourself no matter what arises.

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Hi, I’m Emma. I'm a meditation teacher, a holistic end-of-life planner, and a death doula. The through-line of my services is presence. Our culture talks a lot about it. We recognize that if we could get just out of our thoughts and be more present in our lives, we would feel more serenity, joy, and connectedness. Meditation and mindfulness practices build the muscles we use for ‘presence-ing’ ourselves. Confronting our mortality orients us towards presence as well. The more we acknowledge impermanence, the more likely we are to savor the preciousness of each moment we are alive. The more we plan for how we want to live at the end of our lives, the more present we and our loved ones can be when that time inevitably comes.

Life is messy and my work recognizes that. We can't get rid of all the messes, but we don't want to sink down into them either. My services will help you learn to stay afloat, building your own version of presence, so you can ride the waves of this weird, old beautiful life.

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