MOSE: Liberate Radiance - Cacao Ceremony, Breathwork Journey & Ecstatic Dance

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Movement + Dance

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Ecstatic Dance

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I am very excited to be bringing the community this special and unique opportunity to dive into the depths of journeying with cacao, breath and dance woven together with the magical sound waves of musician, producer DJ Mose!

Offering Overview

This is the first time he has played in the states since 2019!!



The intention of this offering is to bring illuminated presence and freedom of expression into journeying deep together through ceremony, breathwork, authentic connection, ecstatic dance, and chocolate! 

This is a wonderful opportunity to drop into a beautifully held, inspirational, permission filled space that welcomes you to liberate the radiance within yourself.

This is a space where we get to welcome any and all layers of ourselves to be seen, expressed and embraced by oneself and community. We are here to turn towards what is ready to be seen and brought into the light, with the courage to fully feel and express, without attachment to story. 

So excited to bask in the deep play and gratitude as we experience the medicine music that Mose will emanate throughout this journey!


Flow of the evening:

5 - 545pm: Opening Circle and Cacao Ceremony w/Danny Balgooyen

545 - 7pm: Circular/Connected Breathwork Journey guided by Danny Balgooyen, held in the musical vibrations of Mose. 

7 - 730pm: Authentic connection, sharing, grounding and integration

745 - 945pm: 2 hr Ecstatic Dance W/ Mose 

945 - 10pm: Closing 


About the breathwork:

Circular/Connected Breathing is a tool we can utilize to transform ourselves on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. This process activates the pineal gland, which helps us journey into expanded states of consciousness that connect us with our higher selves, resulting in profound experiences of clarity. The breath expresses with an active inhale and relaxing/surrendering exhale. There is a total of 50mins of active breathing and we will be laying down in a restorative position throughout. No experience needed. 


What to Bring: 

A mat to lay on, pillow, blanket, clothes to dance in, water bottle, intention, & your own unique spark <3 


About Mose: 

Mose is based in Guatemala on the beautiful volcanic crater lake of Atitlán where cacao ceremonies, kirtan, and ecstatic dance have had a major influence on his productions and DJ style. It is here that he founded regular cacao dances where members of the community have the opportunity to journey deep into dance while held in a ceremonial container, free of alcohol. 

Beyond the multicultural rhythms and the steady hypnotic beat, Mose weaves ephemeral chanting of sacred songs and calls to love, kindness and compassion, often bringing in live musicians to create something improvisational connected with that particular place and time. He creates with the intention to set a foundation for self discovery and the cultivation of a present minded state which offers new insights and deeper clarity in ones purpose. 

When he is not touring the world or playing these special events in Guatemala, he spends his time going into extended periods of retreat and silence, only to emerge with a deeper, truer and more refined sound. He also supports other emerging artists through his record label Resueño with an intention to bring resonant souls together to create music that uplifts and inspires. The label transcends any particular cultural aesthetic and explores a universal vibration through weaving sounds and languages from around the world. It is also a vehicle for social causes as 50% of all label profits are donated to causes around the shores of Lake Atitlán to support members of the community most in need.


About Danny Balgooyen: 

Danny is a breathworker, conscious dance DJ, dance facilitator and connection creator. He devotes himself to creating safe, inspiring experiences that invite deeper and more authentic expressions of ourselves. He is inspired to show up with his greatest gifts by offering deep presence, safety and a meeting in the depths of authentic emotion. He is deeply committed to building and deepening community in Boulder, CO. 


Explore The Music Of Mose: 

How to Come Prepared

A mat to lay on, pillow, blanket, clothes to dance in, water bottle, intention, & your own unique spark <3

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Danny Balgooyen

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I am turned on by inspiration and connection. I LOVE being inspired as well as facilitating inspiration and connection for others. This expresses in the forms of breathwork, DJing and facilitating ecstatic/conscious dance, authentic relating, and cacao ceremonies. Throughout my own journey I have been blessed with amazing teachers, mentors and allies to help inspire a purposeful and fulfilling path. I am honored and humbled to be a guide and support for others on their journey.

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