Color Up | Intentional Cold Exposure (ICE) with Breath & Yoga

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This Is An In-Person Offering
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Cold Exposure Therapy

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Intentional Cold Exposure with Jeremiah Davidson is a journey through gentle movement, easeful breathing, and ice water immersion. This is a unique style of cold exposure that brings mindfulness, focus, and intention to a challenging experience.

Offering Overview

Intentional cold exposure [I.C.E.] is an intelligent sequence of yogic mobility, down regulating breathing techniques, and an ice bath immersion. I.C.E. is a deliberate calming of the physical and emotional state, so we meet the challenge of the plunge with ease and grace. Cold exposure with focused awareness, gentle movement, and soft breathing, develops our external and internal stressor response system - I.C.E. is a supportive tool for anxiety, situational difficulties, and overall mental health management.

How to Come Prepared

*Please dress in fitness attire you can move in* || sweatshirt, dry clothes to change, or layers to manage temp
*Bathing suit, shorts, or cold plunge attire (whatever is comfortable)
*Yoga mat

Minimum age

18 years or older


No experience necessary. Participants assume all liability of I.C.E. and are responsible for their own risk. Heart conditions, diabetes, and high blood pressure may impact the experience. Participants with these or other potential conflicting physical or mental conditions should speak to their primary care doctor prior to the event. All participants are required to sign a release of liability form.

What's Provided

Lots of ice!

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • cold exposure
  • ice bath
  • ice plunge
Cancellation Policy

There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this offering.

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Jeremiah Davidson

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Jeremiah attending elementary school in Colorado Springs and high school in Denver. He is a lover of all things Colorado - sunshine and snow. Jeremiah started his personal yoga journey in 2000 and has been slowing growing a steady practice ever since. He completed yoga teacher training in 2016 with a focus on vinyasa, but has since began to guide yin and hot style. Jeremiah is a certified intentional cold exposure coach. He is a big fan of the ice - the challenges and the rewards that come from devotion to practice and learning to surrender.

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