The S P A C E : projector edition

This Is A Virtual Offering
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Body-Mindfulness Coaching

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A place for you to be seen as you are. An intimate container for you to explore and discover your magic as a Projector. An environment designed for you to cultivate self-acceptance with others like yourself

Offering Overview

In a world that seems to be on constant go mode, it can feel increasingly draining for Projectors to try to be something they’re not.

Forcing yourself into labels and roles that don’t fully see you or recognize you for their greatest is a recipe for bitterness.
I didn’t know it at the time, but my first best friend was a Projector. Growing up with her, I witnessed her go through the trials and tribulations of bitterness and resentment when she didn’t feel seen. The constant seeking to be known for her brilliance while following paths that didn’t fully resonate with her being. Instead of honoring who she was and understanding that she just hadn’t found the path that was correct for her, she felt broken and dumb. In recent years, I’ve watched her discover her zone of genius and thrive in a career she loves. It’s been a beautiful process to witness.

Dismantling outdated stories…
Carving her own pathway…
Following what lights her up…
Cultivating self-acceptance…
Choosing to love herself exactly as she is…

In the world I am committed to creating, Projectors are seen, know their value, and are celebrated for the magic they are where ever they go.

They know deep within their bones…
How remarkable and valuable their presence and perspective is
The importance of honoring their precious energy and pace
What it feels like to feel seen and recognized
What an aligned invitation feels like
The difference between working harder versus smarter

What’s included?

Four 90-min group calls (live on Mondays) with group practices, embodiment tools, meditations, journal prompts, and shared experiences. All sessions will be recorded.

A personalized Human Design PDF to support your experience.

One Individual Coaching Call

Weekly “playwork” to uncover more of who you are

A Private Projector Support Group Chat to express, play, share, experiment, be held accountable, and deepen your understanding of Self with others like you!


August 15th, 2022 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 8:30pm EST

August 22nd, 2022 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 8:30pm EST

August 29th, 2022 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 8:30pm EST

Individual Coaching Calls (Aug 30th - Sept. 9th)

September 12th, 2022 5:30pm PST / 6:30pm MST / 8:30pm EST

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Navigate: Rest and rejuvenation
  • Self-abandonment
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Self discovery
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You were designed to thrive

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$555 per Ticket


* Registration closes at the beginning of event


I’m a Human Design Guide, Life Coach, and Group Facilitator.

My devotion is to authenticity, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and expression.

If you really knew me, you’d know that I feel most alive when I witness simple techniques and exercises illuminating new pathways in the hearts and minds of clients and workshop attendees.

Integrating my background as a facilitator and intuitive, I stepped into the world of Human Design in 2016 and recognized the profundity of integrating this wisdom into my life. I guide people all over the world into deeper connection with themselves, others, and their communities and support my clients to understand and embody their unique blueprint to live a life of thriving. My greatest joy is to provide spaces to integrate insights and apply the ah-has in real-time.

I have facilitated Authentic Relating and Relational Leadership workshops and courses with the leading organizations in this industry, such as Integral Centered Leadership, Authentic Revolution, and Authentic Relating Training International, and around the world for communities such as Unconventional Life and Momentom Collective. My signature workshops, Authentic Connection and The Alchemy of Human Design can be found at Archipelago Clubs, Habitual Roots, and various locations around Denver, CO every month.