The Raven: A Walk into Mystery ~ A Bliss Pod Experience

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Sound Journey

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Come join us for this internal experience of relaxation, deep reflection, inspiration and of course…bliss.

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Welcome to BLISSpod…

In this session, we will be embarking on a soundventure called “The Raven: A Walk into Mystery.” This is a sound journey featuring singing bowls, gongs, didgeridoo, and a subtle guided meditation. It is meant to be an i

“You come out of this, you’re not thinking about work, you’re not thinking about the hustle and bustle…you’re just here.”

BLISSpod is a device that turns sound into a vibration you can feel in your body, creating an immersive music experience unlike any other. You can expect a curated 3D sonic landscape of nature sounds and music.

“The number one thing I came out of it with…I want to go do something creative immediately”

Each participant will have their own BLISSpod, a set of headphones, and blackout eyeshade. Feel free to bring your own eyeshade and blanket if you prefer. The sound journey itself will last just under an hour.

“An Internal experience that I needed to have”

“I’ve been so caught up in tasks, checking off the lists…but it hasn’t been grounded into my body..coming out I want to slow down and be more conscious and take this feeling with me into the week and how I approach my activities instead of them just being tasks.”

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Experience music in a new, deeper way
  • Give yourself space to relax, reflect, dream and downlod
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