Restorative Breathwork Series: Journey through the Chakras

with Aja Rose

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Breathwork + Sound Journeys

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Restorative Breathwork

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With each session focusing on 1-2 chakras, we will purify the energy system through breathwork and gentle movement with an approach that integrates and sustains the shifts.

Offering Overview

Join Aja Rose from Inner Light Revival for a 6 session series moving through each chakra. By opening our breath, we also purify and harmonize our energetic body and are able to greatly increase our access to Life-Force Pranic Energy. We will tune into all levels including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

✧✧ Session Breakdown ✧✧

✦ ROOT AND SACRAL ✦ Restoring Gut Health
✦ SOLAR PLEXUS ✦ Opening the Diaphragm
✦ HEART ✦ Posture and Chest Openers
✦ THROAT ✦ Toning the Vagus Nerve for Voice Activation
✦ THIRD EYE & CROWN ✦ Activation of Intuition Abilities

✧✧ What to Expect ✧✧

⤖ 30 minutes of relaxing movements, restorative postures, and gentle breathing techniques focused on specific chakras.
⤖ 50 minute Restorative Breathwork session focused on opening specific energy centers through breath and deep inner awareness.
⤖ 10 minute journaling with empowering question prompts.

Minimum age

18 years or older

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Balance nervous system through harmonizing breath/energy flow
  • Learn different emotional/physical correlations for each chakra
  • Release inhibited breathing patterns affecting your energy flow
  • Access the root cause of many physical/emotional challenges
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Aja Rose

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Aja Rose has been a Breathwork Facilitator for over 5 years and continues to dedicate her life to deepening her study and practice. Her breathwork journey started with a miraculous healing of debilitating chronic migraines that had lasted 22 years. She is passionate about inspiring others to heal and transform from within, and invites people to trust in the infinite intelligence within the breath. The nourishing container she holds is one of receptivity, presence, and allowance of what is.

Aja co-facilitates with her brother Danny leading workshops and retreats that combine the breath with nature, music, dance, and community. They are based in Boulder, CO.

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