Sacred Rest ~ 1-2 Day Personal Mountain Retreat

with Aja Rose

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Offering Category

Yoga + Meditation

Offering Topic

Resting Awareness

Offering Highlight

An intimate and nurturing one-on-one container for a true reset to your entire being.

Offering Overview

This is a precious opportunity to rest in a deep container to allow ‘what is’, and to reinforce that there is nothing to heal or improve upon.  A space to receive nourishment and integrate supportive lifestyle shifts that feel enjoyable to the spirit.  Come back to the basic universal truths of being fully human ~ deeply connected to self, others, and the earth.  Release the weight of the constant ‘doing’ that comes with never feeling content or ‘good enough’. 

This deeply nourishing 1-2 day overnight retreat is held in the loving and accepting presence of Aja Rose and Yoshua Greenfield. Their sacred partnership has often recieved reflections of ease, peacefulness, and free expression. Aja's highest excitement is to share the power of breath and loving touch. She has been a student of the breath for 6 years and also offers abdominal massage.

Yoshua loves bringing joy to life by connecting to the simplest of things--music, mindful eating, and nature. Yoshua’s gifts are helping others unlock their own musical abilities, develop a deeper connection to the foods that they consume, learn about the joys of being barefoot, and supporting people to remove the mask of fear and doubt and live in harmony with the magic inside of them.

Their mountain sanctuary up Sunshine Canyon is surrounded by pine forests and expansive views.  You can't help but to take a deep sigh as you enter the peaceful resonance that has been nurtured throughout the house and surrounding land.  You will be nourished by gifts from their at-home herbal apothecary and organic meals that feed the soul.  

Minimum age

16 years or older

What's Provided

We provide everything you will need

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Simple and practical ways to balance your nervous system
  • Learn how to take your time in life and enjoy the simple pleasures
  • Move beyond the endless healing/personal growth path
  • Channeled music and song with loving touch
Cancellation Policy
Private Home Private venue near Broadway + Sunshine Canyon Drive



Private Home


$1,000 per Purchase



Aja Rose

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Aja Rose has been a Breathwork Facilitator for over 5 years and continues to dedicate her life to deepening her study and practice. Her breathwork journey started with a miraculous healing of debilitating chronic migraines that had lasted 22 years. She is passionate about inspiring others to heal and transform from within, and invites people to trust in the infinite intelligence within the breath. The nourishing container she holds is one of receptivity, presence, and allowance of what is.

Aja co-facilitates with her brother Danny leading workshops and retreats that combine the breath with nature, music, dance, and community. They are based in Boulder, CO.