Meditation Mondays @ The Teahouse

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Yoga + Meditation

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Loving-Kindness Meditation

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The focus is guided meditations on embodied loving kindness and compassion in service of healing attachment.

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\We’ve started hosting Meditation Mondays at the teahouse. They run 9am-5pm every Monday. The focus is guided meditations on embodied loving-kindness and compassion in service of healing attachment. This is a magical spot to connect with yourself in an amazing container. You can come for the whole day, or just half. We would love to have you come sit with us.

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There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this offering.

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Bu Nan Brown

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I started on my path 15 years ago when I realized that my life was no longer working for me. I spent a few years searching, studying, reading, and expanding my worldview. In 2008, I came across the work of Ken Wilber, and everything changed. I spent the next two years delving into all things Integral, and all aspects of personal growth, until I came across my primary Teacher, Jun Po Roshi, Abbot of Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen. I began sitting with him in 2010, and took Jukai in 2012. Under Jun Po's advice, I began an intensive yoga practice which lead to enrollment in Naropa University in 2012 in Boulder, Colorado. I became a founding community member of the Integral Center as well. That lead me to hundreds of hours of training and facilitation of Authentic Relating, Circling, the Authentic Man Program, and T3. In 2015 I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Traditional Eastern Arts with an Emphasis in the Yogic Traditions of India. During the last year of my studies at Naropa, I began on the track of Priesthood, under the mentorship of Doshin Roshi, founder of the Integral Zen Sangha. I received Priest Ordination in October 2015.

Since 2015 I became involved with an organization called Luminous Awareness Institute, which led into much of my journey to my professional offerings today. I’ve spent these last years diving into subtle energetic tracking, various healing modalities, and adult somatic attachment repair.

Combining all of these modalities, I have focused Somatic Attachment Repair as the offerings I am bringing into this world. Through one on one work, small group guidance, and multi-month courses, I aim to help bring the powerful effects of deep attachment understanding, somatic healing, and attachment level interpersonal communication into common use in the world.