Your Mind Matters: Boundaries with Food & Exercise

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This Is An In-Person Offering
Offering Topic

Holistic Nutrition

Offering Overview

Most of us are under the misconception that fit people work extremely hard 24/7 and spend most of their lives fixated on health, fitness, and food in order to achieve their goals, but that is not reality! Being healthy and fit isn't easy but it also isn't that difficult. It does, however, involve boundaries.

Join us for this wellness workshop about healthy food and exercise boundaries!

How to Come Prepared

A journal, pen, marker, and a quiet space

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • Understand health for you as a whole, not just your body
  • Check in with your mental health as it relates to your food and exercise
  • Learn common signs that your health plan isn’t working for you
  • Identify ways to acknowledge boundaries and make changes when needed
  • Learn sustainable ways to take good care of yourself
Cancellation Policy

There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this offering.

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