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Business Coaching

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A 3 month, 1-on-1 Business Coaching container for clarity and support to thrive

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Growing a business can be hard, whether its your first or fifth: How do I approach a new industry? How do I stand out? What are the tools for success? How do I not burn out?
My goal is to help you reach your highest potential.

In this 3 month container, we will work 1-on-1 across 3 key pillars:
~ Mindset
~ Foundations
~ Operations

Walk away with all the tools you need to start a busines, earn more, regain your time and thrive.

What You Can Expect From This Offering
  • + 3 month container.
  • + Reclaim your time and ease.
  • + Earn more with Wealth Dynamics.
  • + Play to your strengths through Astrology & Human Design.
  • + Get a personalized plan based on your genius type & life stage.
  • + Consistent support to reach your goals.
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Demetri Bolduc

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Hello, my name is Demetrius Bolduc.

I has started several businesses (successes and failures), have been running mindfulness based groups since an early age and enjoy helps clients both large and small. I have worked with a wide range of businesses: successful coaches like Elana Meta, The C3 Method and Intuition Alchemy; and larger teams such as The Buckminster Fuller Institute, The Design Science Studio and The Ford Foundation.

I am trained in a wide range of management techniques, such as Lean, Six Sigma and Wealth Dynamics. I leverage these more traditional methods in conjunction with regenerative, systems based approaches and ancient techniques for a robust, interdisciplinary offering.
I help clients by way of personal growth and mindfulness coaching, operational strategy, business development, culture and team building.