The 360 Movement Lab @ the StarHouse with Amber Ryan

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5 Rhythms Dance

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The 360 Emergence is a free-form movement practice which straddles the line between dance and personal growth, between rigor and freedom, between individuality and community.

Offering Overview

The 360 Emergence is a movement map that will take you on a journey of discovery.

We are evolutionary movement artists in service to the emergence of each person who shows up in our laboratories. We curate sonic movement journeys and containers that weave the ever-changing human into becoming accountable and fluid, leader-full and in-sight full. We are steeped in dance, ceremony, literature, fashion, theater, strength, and humor.

We are heart activists animating our inside education of the ancient future. The body is our divining rod, music our ally, silence our guide. In this time of fragmentation, information overload, lets unplug from the network and plug into the net that works.

The 360 awakens its 10,000 eyes to see from every perspective, to walk the worlds between ordinary and nonordinary reality.

We invite you to join this movement.

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